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What the future has in store....

We have big dreams for this company. We plan on having 18+ acres of land to build my dream pet retreat and expanding into the world of pet boarding and Dog daycare. I plan on opening my doors to:

Horses, Dogs


We want to have Paw Print Manor & Pet Retreat be aluxury ranch style pet retreatthat lets animals be simply that, animals. They'll get to runopen spaces and lay under giant shade trees and play in splash pools during the summer.

We plan on having 2 barns that will be able to house 8 horses each. One barn will be for permanent horse housing and the other will be for temporary boarding. Each stall will have an indoor and outdoor area. Along with Several Pastures for them to be let out into to roam and be a horse.

The cattery will have an indoor area as well as an outdoor area that will be fully fenced and secured so that the cats can enjoy the sunshine and outside air along with enjoying watching the birds and bugs. I plan on having cat tunnels and different cat towers and climbing apparatuses as well as cat hammocks at different levels for all ages to enjoy.

The birds aviary will be set up similar to the Cattery where it has an indoor and outdoor area that is fully secure and safe for all sized birds. The room will be set up like a forest and have plenty of different levels and things for the birds to climb up or fly to or even chew on.

As forStaffingI plan on hiring vet & vet tech students along with anyone that has 2+ years experience working with large number of animals at one time. I only want the best of the best staff around to care for your pets.

I plan on becoming a green company by using solar energy, wind energy and even using a rain water system. We will have limited amounts of paper use and will do almost everything digitally through email. However the initial new client paperwork and waivers will be on actual paper everything else will not. Report cards can be signed up for daily and you will have the choice of having them emailed to you or you can choose to  have a printed out copy of it.

I also want to hold a yearly Plant a tree fund raiser on the grounds that will help keep the pets cool in the hotter months as well as help promote the replanting of trees that will help improve the air quality for your pets. I would also be donating 10% of the proceeds to a local animal rescue. We will donate periodically to local rescues and will even be offering temporary boarding at a discount to them when foster homes are not yet ready for them

I am really looking forward to getting to know you and your pets. I am also very eager for your feed back as owners. I want to know what you would want to see offered? What would make you switch from your current dog daycare and pet boarding facility? Give me your opinions on pricing or variety or what your ideal secure pet care facility is. Any suggestions or ideas from you I am open to. Thank you so much for taking the time to help improve the neighborhood for your pets and animals alike.

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