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Felicia Armand

I started Paw Print Manor & Pet Retreat in January of 2015 but it was just a name and an idea. It was a vision that I had been dreaming and drawing up since I was about 23 years old, about 4 years prior to actually putting the ball in motion of getting it started.

I have been working and living around animals since I was 3 years old. I have worked in dog day cares and pet boarding facilities for 5 years. While doing so in many different states and I realized that there is no real standard to which dog day cares and pet boarding facilities have to live up to. Colorado was by far the strictest where we had yearly checks to make sure we were keeping up with regulations. No other state that I worked in ever had that done and some of them should have been shut down for the out dated abusive techniques that were being used against other peoples dogs. I have seen how many times parents get lied to about what happened at daycare, or the parents of a new dog that was terrified by being surrounded with that many dogs or that loud of an environment be told that their dog loved it and made so many new friends and that they can't wait to see him back, when in reality maybe the dog wasn't ready for this large of a group of dogs yet and that they should try and bring them in on a slower day and to have them socialize them on there own as well.

I have owned animals my entire life and don't ever see myself not being there for the animals. So that being said as a pet owner I want to know the truth, and I believe that you should be told the truth whether or not that means we don't get to have your pet family be apart of our PAWS family. I would rather you keep a happy healthy dog than to just make another buck. That is what I feel sets me apart from the other pet care facilities out there, I truly care about the animals and their health current or future. I want my pet owners to know if we noticed their dog was extra grumpy and needed time outs one day or make the owners aware of negative behavior such as being a "dog Bully" towards certain dogs, or we noticed the dog showing signs of being toy possesive so that they don't get blind sided if the behavior gets worse and make it so they are no longer allowed to come. I also want owners to be told of any weird acting behaviors or moods, for example you have Daisy Mae that is usually sweet and gives you a kiss here and there passing by but is never super lovey and cuddly with you is all of a sudden your newest lap dog for the day, I want owners to know so they can keep an extra eye on her, either way it makes you the owners aware of your pets behavior. Which isn't that part of the reason you have someone there taking care of your dogs so that they are watching them and making sure they are kept happy, healthy and safe?

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